Topics for Evaluation

  • Khursheed Jeejeebhoy

    Topic: Role of diet and exercise for metabolic syndrome

  • Don C Rockey

    Topic: Complications of cirrhosis

  • Peter Cotton

    Topic: Endoscopy adverse events

  • Judith Henry

    Topic: "Of Hens Teeth and Rocking Horse Manure.."

  • Larry Griffith

    Topic: Abdominal Pain- Thinking outside the box

  • Peter Draganov

    Topic: Severe acute pancreatitis: How to manage pancreatic fluid collections and necrosis

  • Don C Rockey

    Topic: Drug induced Liver Disease

  • Khursh Jeejeebhoy

    Topic: Iron requirements and therapy

  • Don C Rockey

    Topic: Upper GI Bleeding

  • Peter Cotton

    Topic: Presidential Lecture: : "Fifty Years in the Bile Duct and Pancreas"

  • Peter Draganov

    Topic: Should we consider Endoscopic removal for Dysplastic Lesions in IBD?

  • Flloyd Carter

    Topic: Microscopic Colitis in the Bahamas/Caribbean

  • Trevor Seaton/ Rory Thompson/ Nadia Williams

    Topic: Clinico-pathological Cases

  • Naveen Arya

    Topic: "Why your next GI Trainee should do EUS: Clinical Application, and Training requirements."

  • Peter Draganov

    Topic: Poems and Achalasia

  • Charles Edwards

    Topic: The Orrin Barrow Memorial Lecture: The Obesity Epidemic: Are we ready?

  • Flloyd Carter

    Topic: EMR in the Bahamas/Caribbean

  • Naveen Arya

    Topic: EUS Applied: Clinical Presentations

  • Khursheed Jeejeebhoy

    Topic: Approach to the Gas-bloat syndrome

  • Rory Thompson/Trevor Seaton

    Topic: Clinico-Pathological Case presentations

General for Evaluation Questions

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Meeting your Education Needs

  • Did this activity meet the stated objectives?

  • Did this activity meet my educational needs?

  • Was the activity objective, scientifically rigorous, balanced, and free of commercial bias?

  • This activity has contributed to my professional effectiveness and improved my ability to treat/manage patients.

General Feedback

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