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The Association of West Indian Gastroenterologists (AWIG) caters primarily to members of the English speaking Caribbean. It lists as members gastrointestinal specialists from all over the Caribbean, as well as doctors resident in the USA, Canada and Europe.

AWIG’s first meeting was in 1987 in Kingston, Jamaica, in association with the Medical Association of Jamaica. The Association holds an International Postgraduate Course each year, usually in a different Caribbean island.

Registration is limited so as to allow for meaningful interaction with a world class faculty, and an excellent social program is an integral part of each meeting.

The Purposes of the Association are:

  1. To educate the medical profession in the region about gastrointestinal diseases, enabling them to upgrade their skills at the primary care level.
  2. To improve the skills of its members.
  3. To foster research in gastrointestinal diseases in the region.